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Minnesota Roadways has the ability to meet all your paving needs. Since 1953, we’ve provided asphalt paving solutions for commercial construction projects of all sizes, including overlay of existing pavements, reconstruction of a deteriorated asphalt surfaces, and installation of a new pavement surfaces. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for quality and dependability that owners and property managers throughout the Twin Cities rely on.

Overlay & Resurfacing

An overlay adds new life to older asphalt, repairs flaws, and adds structural strength to the existing surface by adding a new layer of pavement to the top, giving it that like-new appearance.  Asphalt overlays are a cost effective solution to gain additional serviceability and usefulness of your existing blacktop pavement.

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Reclamation & Repaving

Repaving options include pulverization and repaving, milling and overlay, and removal and complete repaving. These options depend on the extent of the asphalt pavement failure. Reclamation options like milling and pulverization usually allow for a more economical option to accomplish complete pavement replacement.

Expansion & New Paving

Expansion and new installation projects include removal of existing materials,  grading for drainage corrections, base rock installation, and placement of the new asphalt pavement section. The thickness of the new pavement should be carefully considered based on traffic volumes and loads.  In new installations, you will also need concrete curb, gutter and sidewalks. The cost for this type of work is dependent on scope.

*Occasionally a new asphalt pavement can be installed over an existing gravel surface, often minimal grading of the existing gravel base is needed before the new blacktop surface is installed. Prior to starting the project the stability of the existing gravel base and sub-soils will need to be evaluated and verified.

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