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Minnesota Roadways is here to assist the customer in all aspects of parking lot and pavement rehabilitation services including project design and engineering.

While it may appear that most pavement projects are the same, there are a number of factors to be considered for pavement design such as traffic load, subgrade type, climatic conditions, and others. In addition, parking areas should be designed for low-maintenance cost and easy modification when use patterns change. When properly designed and constructed, parking areas add to the overall appeal of your property.

We pride ourselves in being able to collaborate with each customer to design the appropriate specifications for your business parking lot needs.

Project design and engineering services include:

  • Identifying the purpose of your lot – Depending on how your lot is used: size, pavement thickness, and overall general layout will be affected. (Example; retail parking versus heavy truck traffic)
  • Sizing & spacing design – This portion of design includes determining the number of parking spots needed, parking spot size, ADA accessibility requirements and uses for extra spaces such as drive-through lanes, truck-loading zones, and bus drop-off zones.
  • Parking layout design – Layout design is important in creating a safe and optimal system for traffic flow for your business, including pedestrian traffic. A few aspects of this are space efficiency, traffic signage, pavement marking and concrete curb and island installation.
  • Parking Lot Drainage & Safety – Proper slope and catch basins are necessary to avoid standing water & provide adequate drainage. In addition, safety measures such as pedestrian access ramps and lighting design are taken into consideration in this stage of design.
  • Long-Term Maintenance Plan – Your parking lot can show wear and tear over time if not properly and regularly maintained. Cracking, discoloration, raveling, and potholes are all signs of deterioration. We can provide you with a recommended scheduled maintenance plan including crack filling, sealcoating, and repair to ensure your new asphalt parking lot investment lasts for years to come.

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