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Catch Basin Repair

Catch basins and pavement management go hand in hand. Catch basins and storm sewer systems are vital in removing surface water runoff, keeping water from pooling on your pavement. Standing water will cause pavement to fail prematurely, and can be a liability for property owners.  Regular catch basin maintenance is important to prevent larger repairs and liabilities.

There are a few potential defects property managers should look for when performing routine inspections and cleaning of catch basins:


1. The Catch Basin is Higher than the Surrounding Asphalt

This poses a tripping hazard and causes standing water around the basin.  This happens when the sub-base underneath the surrounding asphalt settles over time and the pavement becomes lower than the concrete basin.  Minnesota Roadways can remove the surrounding asphalt and lower the basin by removing concrete rings to alter the height of the catch basin frame.

2. Sinkholes are Developing Adjacent to the Basin

This is the result of one of two things.  The first is when the water erodes the stone sub-base in the surrounding asphalt.  The second is when the stone base adjacent to the basin has settled and cannot support the surrounding asphalt.  Depending on the extent of the damage, if may be possible to remove and replace the surrounding asphalt, or it may be necessary to replace the entire catch basin structure.

3. The Frame of the Basin has Shifted on an Angle

This occurs when the concrete rings supporting the frame have become unstable, shifted or completely eroded on one or all sides.  The answer to this situation is to simply replace the rings using a proper bonding agent.


It is always better to be proactive with maintenance rather than reactive, but if you find yourself with one of the above dilemmas, you can be assured that Minnesota Roadways will rebuild the existing catch basin or install a new one to ensure the best drainage for your asphalt.  Often times, these repairs can be done easily with minimal cost and inconvenience.

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