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Parking Lot Maintenance

parking lot maintenance

Preventative pavement maintenance helps lessen liability and safety concerns while improving curb appeal. Typical maintenance includes corrective measures such as asphalt patching and repair, crack sealing, seal coating, catch basin maintenance and concrete curb and sidewalk repair, as well as aesthetic measures like sweeping and pavement marking. Effective preventative maintenance is ongoing and should be done on a regular schedule by your property manager or owner in order to prevent more costly repairs in the future.Typical parking lot maintenance includes:

“These guys have done a great job repairing and maintaining our parking lot for years.
I called a few weeks ago to see if they could squeeze me in to replace a section of our lot and it was no problem.
As usual, they were timely, did a great job, and patched up a few spots that were over and above the bid.”

Mike S, Schoonover Bodyworks & Glass

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